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Fan Favourites Package

The complete bundle of our best selling car care products as chosen by our fans. This kit is the perfect combo with your Snow Foam Gun or Lance packages.

Show your car how much you care.

Purple by Snow Foam

A game changer. safe to spray on your wheels and your paintwork with its pH Neutral ingredients yet strong cleaning nature. Watch as your wheels turn purple as iron dissolves in front of your eyes and drips off with a pressure washer. Agitate if dirt is too stubborn. 

Tire Shine

No one likes the look of old, used and abused tyres! With a few sprays on each tire wall, you'll step back and see your car shine from bonnet to boot! 

Simply mist onto your clean tyres and if needed, spread across tire to even out the shine. Wipe any overspray and leave to settle in before driving away. You will now have tires looking refreshed and ready for the road!

Spray Wax

After a thorough clean, grab a soft microfibre towel and mist on SF's Signature Spray Wax one panel at a time. Not only will you give your car a hydrophobic protectant layer, you'll ensure your car is free from water spots.

It also provides a nice smooth finish that will help keep dirt from sticking to your paintwork. This means an even easier Snow Foaming next weekend. 

Twister Drying Towel

Dry your car in minutes, if not seconds. Minimise post-wash swirl marks and maximise water absorption with one towel.

Visit our customer reviews and try it for yourself, you'll thank us later. 


  • 500mL Purple by Snow Foam
  • 500mL Tire Shine
  • 500mL Spray Wax
  • 1 x Twister Drying Towel

Liquids Storage Note: Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles may leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.

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