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Platinum Potions - Carte Edition

A killer line up of really rich desserts & refreshing scents you wish you could eat & drink.

Aqua Krysp 
The Scent: Upon fresh application you get straight up krispy cucumbers fresh from the markets, after a little while a clean watery scent comes through leaving you with “cucumber water”.  PS: Mix & Match this with Sweet Melon Burst for the most refreshing & amazing blend ever!

Cheeky Choc
The scent:
 Freshly applied an extremely rich & layered dark chocolate will take over your sense of taste and smell. Once settled in, a heavenly Bavarian chocolate that is rich on aroma will have you driving to your nearest choc spot.

Citrus Splash
The Scent: Freshly applied you will get smacked in the face with very ripe cold pressed limes full of citrus notes that will have you drooling. Once settled you will be left with a leafy lime top note that will have you licking your lips.

Hazel Spice
The Scent: Freshly applied an extremely strong and spicy cinnamon will leave you guessing just what we used. Once settled in a very rich and aromatic cinnamon will have you cracking out the hot chocolates, only thing missing are the marshmallows.   

Jungle Juice
The Scent: Upon fresh application sweet & juicy pawpaw’s will have you wondering just how many we used, once settled in a layered texture of Pawpaw comes though with a hint of mango & other tropical fruits will have you wanting this every day.

Cake & Bake (Formerly Sugar Fix)
The Scent: Upon fresh application your nose will be telling your brain “sweet candied strawberries, where can I get some”. Upon settling down a heavy strawberry that’s been cut & laced with vanilla custard will have you gobsmacked with strawberry custard.

Sweet Razz
The Scent: Freshly applied you will experience a deep & dark fruity raspberry that will leave you craving Raspberries. Once settled in an amazing textured & layered raspberry jam starts coming through, you’d swear it’s the real thing!


Liquids Storage Note:
Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles may leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Avoid breathing in vapours, mist or spray.
3. Avoid skin and eye contact.
4. Wash hands after use.
5. Do not use 500ml coloured Potions on white/light coloured fabrics/carpets.
6. Do not keep Potions stored inside vehicle.
7. Keep Potions stored in cool, dry & dark conditions.

Do Note:
Do not use our Potions anywhere that will have pets & children that may be crawling around on the floor as our Potions may make pets feel uncomfortable & may cause some children to have a skin reaction if their hands & feet come into contact with our potions. We have not tested our products on pets or children & will refuse to do so.