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Snow Foam Wheel Cleaner

Break down Brake Dust in under 30 seconds!

Compliment your Snow Foam treatment this weekend with Snow Foam Wheel Cleaner. Simply spray on to wheels and dwell for 30 seconds. The Snow Foam Wheel Cleaner will break down dirt and brake dust allowing you to rinse or pressure wash off as much contaminants as possible.

If you find that brake dust is stubborn, simply spray again and give a light agitation with a detailing brush before rinsing again.

  • Alkaline Wheel Cleaner
  • Recommended by reputable Australian Detailers 
  • Fast Reacting - Leave on for 10-30 seconds and rinse 
  • Effective on brake dust and dirts
  • Safe to use on all wheels except raw aluminium. 

Like all wheel cleaners, we recommend you test the product on an inconspicuous area before proceeding to the entire wheel.

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