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Snow Foam Tyre Gel

We strive to be great listeners and after hearing the need for a hand applicable, no mess tyre shine, we delivered.

Nothing's worse than an incomplete job. You've foamed, scrubbed, rinsed and dried to only have your tyres sit there not shining like the rest of your car. 

Finish your car care process with Snow Foam Tyre Gel. Look back at your car and be proud knowing you've completed the job from head to toe. 

  • Water-based tyre shine
  • Slick finish, not excessively shiny
  • Minimal mess
  • Long-lasting

Simply use a coin-sized amount onto a clean microfiber cloth or pad and apply onto your clean tyres. Swipe across tyre face ensuring you haven't missed any spots. You will now have tyres looking refreshed and ready for the road or show and shine.