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Staff Pick

Gloss Wash Shampoo

Revitalise your paint and wash your car at the same time!

Snow Foam's Gloss Wash Shampoo is a highly effective, concentrated solution that acts as a detergent and final shine in one. Our Gloss Wash premium chemical formula breaks down dirt and grime just like our Snow Foam Detergent AND leaves your car radiating like never before. Simply leave the active conditioner to do its work after foaming your car. A spectacular vibrant shine from your paint is revealed roughly 8-12 hours post-wash. If you were looking for a more effective clean and not just a pre-wash, this is for you.

Lanolin-infused shampoo for hydrophobic properties and superior gloss finish.

This product can be used with our Snow Foam Gun or Lance, as well as a post-foam shampoo for a bucket wash. Gloss Wash is not intended for superior foam thickness but rather its ultra gloss finish on paintwork post-foaming. 

We recommend using this with our Noodle Wash Mitt or Snow Cloud Wash Mitt. Finish your wash with a proper dry using the Twister Drying Towel to ensure watermarks do not affect the final shine of your pride and joy.

  • Superior paint conditioner that leaves a radiant colour
  • pH neutral shampoo - won't strip quality waxes or protection
  • Highly concentrated solution needs only 100mL shampoo diluted with warm water
  • The perfect complement to the Snow Foam Lance or Gun
  • Australian Made Formula 🇦🇺

Directions for use with bucket wash:

  1. Use a two-bucket wash method and add 50mL per 10L bucket into your wash bucket
  2. Using a wash mitt, scrub vehicle from top to bottom. Rinse in rinse bucket.
  3. Rinse car and dry with Twister Towel or Waffle Weave Towel

Tip: Ensure you wash in the shade and only use the Twister Drying Towel when the car is completely cleaned.