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Staff Pick

Purple - Brake Dust Dissolver

Purple by Snow Foam. The Magic That Dissolves Brake Dust & Doesn't Send Your Nose Bust.

Working best on your wheels and on your paintwork for iron decontamination, Purple is pH neutral and safe for your car yet strong in dislodging the unwanted brake dust and iron we all experience. Simply spray on and the iron particles on your wheels or paint will dissolve purple, indicating the readiness to be rinse. 

For months we've tested many different formulations and only settled once the results were top class. For heavily soiled wheels, Purple works best when used with a pressure washer or agitating with a detailing brush for more stubborn break dust. 

  • pH Neutral 
  • Iron & Fallout Decontamination
  • Works on wheels to dissolve brake dust and iron particles
  • Works on paint panels to dissolve brake dust and iron particles
  • Rinse off with pressure washer for easy touch-less cleaning
  • Unique Tolerable Smell - Unlike many other fallout removers, Purple by Snow Foam does not contain the foul smell. 

1. Spray wheels when car is dry. Best to leave car to cool down and ensure you do not miss any smaller curves on the wheel's design. 

2. Let Purple dwell and dissolve the brake dust. When you see the purple bleeding, this is when you know it is time to rinse. 

3. Rinse thoroughly ensuring all product is rinsed off 

4. Check wheels, follow with light scrubbing if needed. 

5. Dry wheels and proceed to use Tire Shine

Liquids Storage Note: Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles may leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.

Why Use Iron Fallout Removal?

Microscopic iron build up on your paint and wheels creates a layer that inhibits protectants like wax (Spray Wax), polymers (Snow Foam Shield) and paint protection (ceramic coatings) from doing their job. This is why many detailers perform a full decontamination wash before applying any protection on your paintwork.

What's the difference between Wheel Cleaner and Purple?