Which Is The Best Snow Foam Product For You?

Posted by Snow Foam on October 31, 2016  /   no comment

Which Snow Foam Product Is Best For You? The Snow Foam trend in the car enthusiast market has shot up exponentially due to many enthusiasts realising how quick, easy and fun Snow Foam is. It is safer for your car as many use it for a touchless car wash process reducing your chances of inducing swirlmarks as […]

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[VIDEO] Snow Foam on The Tesla Model S

Posted by Snow Foam on March 11, 2016  /   no comment

We’re in the shoes of a Tesla Model S owner in this video seeing the ins and outs of the electric-powered beast of a car. We’ve been lucky enough to have experienced this Tesla from Kevin, the owner of a new blog at minimolist.com. With no throttle delay, no need to brake meaning perfect exit […]

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[VIDEO] Bullrush Rally Supercar Snow Foaming Session

Posted by Snow Foam on March 11, 2016  /   no comment

Could this be the world’s first Lexus LFA being Snow Foamed?! Snow Foam Australia has teamed up with Bullrush Rally 2015 to see the hottest line up of cars being pampered with Snow Foam. With the Snow Foam Lance in full action on the day, the team were able to foam approximately 20 supercars allowing […]

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Nano4Life – A New Stage In Car and Wheel Protection

Posted by Snow Foam on December 15, 2015  /   no comment

For the typical car enthusiast, he or she knows how vital it is to get your car waxed regularly to ensure the car stays nice and shiny as well as protected from harsh chemicals, scratching and damage. All good in theory until it comes to spending four and a half hours on the weekend washing, […]

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Dubai Showcases Police Convoy of Super Cars

Posted by Snow Foam on February 11, 2015  /   no comment

Dubai has done it again! The home of some of the nicest super cars in the world have flexed their muscles again in this new video showcasing their POLICE CARS! Yep – that’s right – their Police cars. Recently, Dubai impressed many with this short video airing on social media – A quick video of […]

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Special Offer For Our 1500 Facebook Snow Foamers!

Posted by Snow Foam on January 09, 2015  /   no comment

We’ve done it! We’ve hit 1500 Likes on Facebook and couldn’t have done it without you! Snow Foam has always wanted to change conventional car washing method of everyday Australians. The bucket method has been around for ages but it doesn’t excite drivers. We all hold a special relationship with our cars so we thought, […]

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Ferrari Wakeboarding.

Posted by Snow Foam on January 08, 2015  /   no comment

The Ferrari has always been more than a car with its power, finesse, smooth curves, roaring tone and that iconic prancing horse. But now its something else entirely. The Ferrari F50 plays the role of a…boat! In the video below, we watch the Ferrari F50 drag along a the wakeboarder along a strip of water […]

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Own a Motorbike? Then You’ll Definitely Want This!

Posted by Snow Foam on August 28, 2014  /   no comment

This is innovation that excites all here at Snow Foam and can’t wait until more and more motorbike owners take up on this exciting piece of technology. As car enthusiasts, we love a bit of speed. An extension of this is motorbike enthusiasts who live and breathe speed. This may be the piece of technology […]

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Snow Foam Australia x Top Secret Imports

Posted by Snow Foam on August 25, 2014  /   no comment

Snow Foam Australia teamed up with Top Secret Imports to bring you one of the best Snow Foam videos you will ever experience. Watch it, Share it, Like it! We Snow Foamed the Corvette Z06 and the Ferrari 360 Modena with stunning results post wash. For More information please visit: Top Secret Imports: www.topsecretimports.com.au The […]

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Snow Foam. For When Things Get Too Dirty.

Posted by Snow Foam on August 08, 2014  /   no comment

  Everyday driving inevitably results in dirty cars. Either on-road or off-road, we go through many different environments which can dull the shine of our beautiful cars. Unfortunately for this unsuspecting victim, they got their car into a quite ‘sticky’ situation. The elephant showed a bit too much love and gave the owners more than […]

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Snow Foam in a Second

Posted by Snow Foam on July 21, 2014  /   no comment

The quickest way to find out what we’re all about. Recently the Snow Foam team went out to Top Secret Imports for some filming of Snow Foam on some of their finest cars available for sale. We washed a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 Black 6 Speed Manual Coupe which is currently for sale – Check it out! […]

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Man Jumps Over Lamborghini Gallardo

Posted by Snow Foam on July 16, 2014  /   no comment

  Ever imagined what you’d do if a speeding sports car like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini were fast approaching you? Would you jump to the left, right or simply over it? Watch as this man jumps over a Lamborghini Gallardo at 130 kmh. Why? Because he can.

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