Introducing the Snow Foam Air Foamer

Air Foamer Snow Foam

The legendary Snow Foam Air Foamer requires minimal Snow Foam Detergent to be able to cover your car in a thick foam that drips off dirt and grime from your car and onto the ground. By dripping the dirt off, you’ll minimise the risk of scratching these harsh substances into your paintwork which creates swirl marks – something we all don’t want.

Plugging into your air compressor, pour 1L of clean water into the bottle and top this up with around 20-30mL of Snow Foam Detergent then shake well. When the 1L bottle is attached, simply pull the trigger and you’ll notice thick foam start to cover your car as you can watch the dirt slide off.

Leaving the Snow Foam on for 5-10 minutes will see a good amount of initial dirt on your car drip off onto the ground which you will then rinse off with a hose. If not too dirty, you’re car should be ready to start drying or if not, another light wipe with a wash mitt should do the trick.

This Snow Foam method is great for those with apartments as there is no hose supply needed. With Air Compressors becoming more affordable from quality hardware stores like Bunnings, this means Snow Foam is a cost efficient car washing method. Forget going to the Car Wash Bay when you can do it yourself with the assurance that your own tools are thorough clean and safe to use on your pride and joy.

What You’ll Need To Get Stared:

1. Snow Foam Air Foamer

2. Air Compressor

3. Snow Foam Detergent

4. Water

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