Snow Foam Water Blade


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BACK IN STOCK. Order Now To Secure Yours Today!

Drying is a vital part of any car wash to ensure the reduction of water spots and streaks and is usually a long and time consuming process. With Snow Foam’s Waterblade, this is no longer the case!

Snow Foam’s WaterBlade is the ultimate tool to finishing off you Snow Foam process. Snow Foam, Rinse then Waterblade for a quick, safe and shiny finish!

The ultra-flexible drying blade conforms to most surfaces so it can be used to get your car dry, quickly. The soft medical grade silicone blade will mean you can say goodbye to washing your chamois towels and microfibre clothes and start drying effortlessly. The Waterblade is said to take only 1/3 of the time of a traditional drying procedure with a chamois towel.

For best results, use only after car wash when car panels are clean from dirt and grime.



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