Snow Foam Detergent 500ml


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Snow Foam Detergent is a highly concentrated detergent which allows you to dilute a minimal amount of detergent to water. This means each wash now is cost-efficient with approximately 50-80ml of detergent mixed with warm water can fill the 1L Snow Foam Lance bottle providing enough Snow Foam to cover 2-3 cars depending on their size.

The Snow Foam detergent together with the Snow Foam Lance will ensure you have a safe, fast and fun car wash through breaking down dirt, grease and grime and dripping these nasties to the ground. Snow Foam Australia recommends you finish your wash with a proper dry using the Waterblade to ensure watermarks do not affect the final shine of your pride and joy.

Tip: ensure you wash in the shade and only use the waterblade when the car is completely Snow Foamed and clean.

Buy Snow Foam Detergent today and you’ll be given our insights into how to make the most of the Snow Foam Detergent for cost-efficient car washing!

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Corvette Snow Foam Z06

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