What Is Snow Foam and How Does It Work?

Snow Foam is the premium grade car washing tool for professional results at home. The Snow Foam Lance or Snow Foam Guns can be used as a prewash technique or as your primary car wash technique. The mixture of high pressure water and Snow Foam Detergent provides a thick blanket of foam onto your car which drips off dirt and grime to ensure you don’t start rubbing these substances into your paintwork.

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Snow Foam Lance Features

  • Touchless Technology
    The touchless technology allows for less physical contact with your car’s paintwork. This translates to less chances of inducing swirl marks and scratches on your car whilst washing.
  • Plug and Play
    Simply swap your original pressure washer gun attachment with the Snow Foam Lance and you’re ready to go.
  • Sturdy Construction
    The snow foam lance is made with brass and strong plastics to power through wash after wash
  • Customised Snow Foaming Experience
    The adjustable detergent-to-water dial and spray fan pattern are adjustable to allow for a customised Snow Foaming experience.
  • Cost Efficient Car Washing Method
    Snow Foam Detergent is a high concentrated solution that is to be diluted. With only 50-80mL detergent needed to fill up the entire bottle, this can foam around 3 average family sized cars. This means your next car wash is much cheaper than your weekend trip to the hand car wash or even the DIY Car wash bays.
  • Spray On – Wait – Rinse Off
    Simply spray on the Snow Foam and watch as it softens and lifts the dirt and grime off the car to the ground. Keeping the foam on for 5 – 10 minutes will do the trick.  Simply rinse off with your pressure washer and hose and you’re car is now ready for a proper hand car wash. Regular waxing and Snow Foaming will mean less and less hand car washing is needed.

How To Use The Snow Foam Lance

1. Fill the Snow Foam Lance bottle with 50 – 80ml of Snow Foam Detergent.

2. Fill the remaining Snow Foam Bottle with warm water and shake thoroughly.

3. Screw the Snow Foam Lance brass head and the 1L bottle together. You will then simply need to swap the Snow Foam Lance with your pressure washer’s end attachment. Usually this is a simple screw on and screw off process.

4. Start Snow Foaming your car the same way as you would use a pressure washer. Be sure to adjust the top nozzle and spray fan adjuster for desired results.

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  • Fast Setup
    Simply connecting to your regular garden hose at home, replace your current hose gun with the Snow Foam Gun and you’re ready to go.
  • 3 Guns in 1
    Not only capable of producing foam, the Snow Foam Gun is also a high pressure jet sprayer and a regular hose gun for rinsing.
  • 6 Detergent Ratio Settings
    Adjust the Snow Foam Gun’s ratio for picking up detergent to allow for more foam or less foam as desired. 
  • Wide Bottle Mouth
    The Snow Foam Gun’s wide bottle mouth means you can easily pour more detergent into the bottle and dilute it with warm water. Less spillage and quicker foaming is what we strive to deliver.

How To Use the Snow Foam Gun

1. Fill up the Snow Foam Gun with 50-80mL of Snow Foam Detergent then dilute it with warm water.
2. Connect the Snow Foam Gun to your Garden Hose with the hose attachment
3. Adjust the Snow Foam Gun’s Detergent Ratio to your liking ( 0 for more foam and 5 for least foam)
4. Squeeze the trigger to start Snow Foaming!

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Snow Foam WaterBlade

The Snow Foam Waterblade is in play to provide you with a time saving option for one of the most important parts of the Car Washing process – drying. The Silicon Snow Foam Waterblade’s job is to swipe off the build up of water from rinsing to shave off up to 2/3 of the time it takes to dry your car.

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For Our Full Range, visit our Online Store.

Snow Foam Detergent

The Snow Foam Detergent allows for a cost-efficient car wash due to the high concentrated nature of the Snow Foam Solution. Simply mix 50-80mL of Snow Foam Detergent with warm water and you’ll have enough diluted solution in your Snow Foam Lance to wash approximately 3 average sized sedans.

Instead of visiting the hand car wash every weekend and paying $50+, give Snow Foam a try.

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For Our Full Range, visit our Online Store.

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