Snow Foam Boat Care

Snow Foam Boat Care – The New Way To Wash Your Boat!

Your boat was a big investment, which makes it important for you to keep it in pristine condition. As a boat owner, you will be familiar with the key rule of effectively washing your boat after it has made contact with salt water. If salt is left on your boat, it will promote unwanted rust and corrosion. Your boat deserves proper care and maintenance that will extend its lifespan, giving you the best value for your money.

At Snow Foam, we understand how important it is for you to keep your boat in the best condition possible. We realise boats are large in size and often difficult to clean. Therefore, we want to help you maintain and clean your boat without it being a boring chore. Snow Foam Boat Care is perfect for boats, helping you effectively and quickly wash your boat in a fun way. Our new way of washing boats is simple; just spray our Snow Foam solution onto your boat and let the foam assist in breaking down the salt.

For an even more efficient boat maintenance job, you can use our washing brushes or wash mitts for a quick scrub. Our products are faster than ever before and highly effective in protecting your boat, letting you get back to doing what you love quicker.

Please note: Snow Foam is a prewash and should be followed by a light scrub with a wash mitt. Snow Foam is to assist in boat washing, not take over the entire cleaning operation.


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